Surprise, surprise

So, my blog is going to be a little bit different from now on. You've probably noticed the difference already, yes, I'm going to write in my blog in English, but not every post will be in English, some of them will be as usual, written in Swedish, but once in a while... Yeah, it's going to be a little bit different. You may ask yourselves why and I have an answer to that question. Everyone who reads my blog knows, that I'm going to Australia this summer and I will be staying the whole semester, which means that in over four months I will be forced (yes, forced is a good word, since I am quite anxious about all that non-Swedish/Polish speaking...) to use English in my everyday life, which may appear much easier than it's actually feels for me. Ok, I do know English and my English has become much better since I started studying at the university, since almost all the course literature we've been using was and still is in English, but it's a completely different thing when you have to use it all the time and be able to converse and stuff. I was chatting on omegle the other day and I wanted to write the phrase "the lack of humor" and I really couldn't recall how to say "the lack" and I was like "I'm not going to look it up on google translate", but I gave in after 5 minutes of thinking and when I saw you could say "the lack" or "absence" I was like "ofcourse! How could I forget?!". And that made me think that I should probably do something to improve my everyday English before summer, since I would be really embrassed if it would happen in real life, for example while talking to an hot Aussie-boy. See my point? 
And I do write about my everyday life in here in Swedish, so doing so in English will hopefully be at least a little bit useful to get used to the language. I will probably look up some words and phrases while writing here and hopefully learn and remember some of them, making my first days in Australia a bit easier, once again hopefully. And you who are reading this and seeing any mistakes, please, tell me! You know you can always leave a comment down below and it's really not going to make me sad, quite the opposite, I will be glad that I will not make the same mistake in front of some native speaker.
Yes, that was about that. The other thing I would like to write about is my hair! I went to my hairdresser today and she cut 10 cm of my hair! And, suprisingly, I wasn't even sad! I think it really looks good and healthy (can you say that hair looks healthy?) and I'm glad, that I've finally got the courage to do that, because I was talking about cutting my hair in a while now, but never doing it.:)
The Aussie word of the day:
Apparently, you don't say sidewalk in Oz, you say footpath.
Take it easy mates! :)


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